book of mormon 11/15/19

Been a while, eh??? I submitted applications to TXST and UTSA. god help us.

my friend got accepted into a great art school. so happy for her!!!

my job is kinda sucking my soul away. I go to college classes 1/5 days a week

i mentioned in my last journal our band advanced to area. Well we made it to state too!

felt so great to be back in that alamo dome. only problem was... we got second to last. oops.

yeah, i wont sugar coat it that performance was a disaster. but yknow what?

it was a lotta fun.

now lets get straight to the nitty gritty. found out my dad has cancer today.

he assured us it was a very small form of it and that he'd be fine.

and i believe him. I'm sure he's not gonna die or anything.

but it made me realize my parents are getting old. and how many people in my family

have had cancer. and that i might get it.

yeah. theres that.


my mom convinced me to change my major to art.

do i think i can make it as an artist? no. but i might have fun studying it.

sorry this journal is so depressing. i promise im not super depressed rn!

in fact, to prove it here are some drawings i made recently:

yeah im all about the blue lions if u couldnt tell. gonna play their route 3 times when i get the game

i was saving up for a long time for a switch but then my dad goes and gets one for me. bastard! just kidding dad.

these were drawn on the school computers btw i promise i can kinda sorta actually draw.

oh, also i never talked about this but i bought a binder recently. makes me all flat. feels good.

i think thats about it. love you all, goodnight.