today i didn't do much as usual, but i did binge a few episodes of

Gargantia on netflix. the show leaves a lot to be desired, but to me

it really got me thinking which i don't usually do

to be human is to empathize

my mood has spiraled further down. the world is a shit show i dont

want to be a part of. i really want do die

there are still some good things that make me happy and keep me here though

like cartoons. aka naruto. what a loser, right?

heres a poem about the house on my block. the owner is some kind of recluse.

ive been thinking a lot about this house on my block

the door is always closed

they dont answer the bell and as far as i can tell

the owner is unexposed

the neighbors havent seen them but life is confirmed

cause there's a truck in the back

they never come out, but they're there no doubt

because the grass is cut on track