Still alive

sup bruh... yes im still kicking. omg ur so obsessed with me.

its very late so maybe ill make a better page some other time but umm

ive been doing quite a bit of growing up since you last saw me

which would be nice except for the fact im still depressed and more stressed than ever

seriously i feel like im gonna snap

ive been busy with:

now youre probably thinking, jc thats all baby shit. i do it in my sleep

yeah well have you ever considered that im tired? bet you didnt. anyways

yeah im really too tired to say anything important but for now, heres this:

by the way, im really into ensemble stars and demon slayer rn

i realize now that the kind of anime i like is always the reality/trash tv of anime

edit: by the wayx2, im working on a comic of sorts. its embarrassing but ive always wanted to

its heavily inspired by "randals friends" (ranfren.neocities) and ill post a link when the first chapter is done